Monday, June 25, 2012


Glogster (  is a really neat online social network.  It works through the use of Glogs- interactive posters that are loaded with text, music, videos and graphics.  There is also a version for teachers and students called GlogsterEDU (  Members create their own poster (Glogs) which can then be shared with their friends/ community.  Glogster is  free, but the educational version is not.  I'll be back with more information after I create my first Glog!!

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  1. I teach a 4th and 5th grade after school computer club once a week from January to May and when I learned about Glogster in our ET610 (Curricular Application of Technology) course I was so excited to introduce it to this group of students because it was nearing the winter holidays and I was soon about to begin that club. So I completely revamped my entire "syllabus" for the computer club based on many of the tools we learned about in that class without officially testing them out to see if they’d work in a full classroom setting as well as did for an individual user. Like you said, it’s free to use Glogster if you sign up for an individual account but if you want to add a class of users who don’t have email addresses, you have to pay for an educator’s account. I didn’t realize this until it was too late and it made the Glogster week (originally planned for two weeks) a failure. Fortunately, I found a way to let my students try the tool and create a Glogster poster but they were unable to save their work. They also took some time to look at other student examples and most of my kids were excited about the possibility of using this on their own (and bummed that they couldn’t use it that day). I discussed with them some of the educational uses of the site and encouraged them to sign-up for an account of their own (with parental permission) and use it for class projects. My school is a big advocate for the theme projects that align with our Language Arts program and each unit the students are asked to create a something unique that goes with the theme so I explained to them if they have their own account this would be an excellent way to create and present their theme projects. So, if you ever want to use Glogster with your students you should probably pay the yearly rate of $29.95 to avoid problems like I had!